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About Us

The Torchlight Center is one of the nation's only student government think tanks. It has three branches that fulfill three different niches on campus.


This branch tracks the Executive Branch's progress on proposed policies. Modeling practices found in real-world think tanks, this branch uses a three-layered approach to evaluating the completion of policy:

1) Was the initiative completed?

2) Was it completed well?

3) Was it completed primarily by the people taking credit?

The Center provides a source of information to the student body that was previously absent, and works to keep the Executive Branch accountable in fulfilling their promises.


This branch makes the Legislative Branch of student government more accessible to the general student body. Legislative Branch actions and records are publicly available on the website, but are not easily interpreted by students unfamiliar to government structure. Thus, Torchlight operates the Legislation Tracker under the transparency branch.

Each proposed Bill and Resolution receives a page on our site, with an easy-to-read tracker that shows the bill's progress through the legislature. Modeled after Florida's Sunshine statutes, the tracker also shows the voting records of individual senators over time.


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This branch aims to inform campus discussions on proposed and current policy at FSU. Student organizations are encouraged to submit research requests that then are adopted as projects by a Research Fellow.

The Research Branch produces Data Briefs and Policy Memos, which range in complexity and depth, from a simple data request to a complicated statistical analysis. 

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