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Student-driven research

for better campus policy

Florida State University's student-run campus think tank


Torchlight is a student-run think tank that produces research about past, present, and future campus policy.

There are thousands of think-tanks throughout the world that conduct research for federal, state and local governments. They play a crucial role in the function of our government.

Florida State University's government is no different. Decisions made by faculty and student administration can be supplemented by research.

Learn more about us and the work we do by visiting our "about" page.


Torchlight  composes  professional-level research for four distinct audiences. Research is meant to be digestible and useful to each group.


Student Body

& Coalitions

By reading Torchlight  research, students can get informed about FSU campus policy.


  • SGA Agencies

  • Greek Organizations

  • General student body




Student leaders who wish to bring about a policy change on campus can use the Center's research to better inform their decisions.


  • Student Body President

  • SGA Bureaus

  • Student Senate

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Administrators can gain valuable insight from research published by this student-led research initiative to direct their focus.


  • University President

  • University Housing

  • Seminole Dining

State Government

Substantial change on campus can come from the state-level government, which can support the student body from an administrative level.


  • Florida Legislature

  • State University System of Governors

Our Audience

Our Team

Students join Torchlight for hands-on experience that's transferable to the professional world.

Recent Research

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Message from the Founder

Torchlight was born out of a love for responsible student government at Florida State University. After three years of tenure within student government and experience at two state-level think tanks plus an internship at a federal agency in Washington, D.C., my vision for Torchlight blends together real-world practices with the FSU student government to elevate the student democracy.

Through Torchlight, students learn to appreciate a higher level of accountability and transparency for their government, which carries on into the real world. College campuses are the laboratory of democracy and Torchlight is another experiment in that laboratory, simultaneously providing students with gainful involvement opportunities while providing a much-needed service in FSU's civic environment.

- Patrick Martin

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