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Patrick Martin

Patrick Martin


Graduate Student

Master's in Applied Economics

Undergraduate majors: Economics and Political Science

Patrick is an Master's student in the Applied Economics program. His undergraduate career at FSU consisted of tenure within Student Government in multiple senate-confirmed leadership positions such as the Inter-Residential Hall Council and Union Board, as well as applied public policy analysis at the DeVoe Moore Center and the James Madison Institute in Tallahassee. Observing the similarities between campus politics and the national political landscape, he saw the need for a campus-level, student-run think tank, and Torchlight was born. Now, Patrick prides himself in this model that is serving as a template for multiple fledgling think tanks in college campuses throughout the country, such as UF, GWU, and Brown University. Aside from being the director of Torchlight, Patrick enjoys playing his guitar and consuming current news.

On 7/6/2020, he attended the 4-hour National Coalition Building Institute training to better ensure Torchlight is an inclusive environment for people of all identities.

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