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Student Policy

Accountability Officer

The Accountability Officer increases the transparency and clarity of the Student Government Association and FSU administration. Primarily, this officer will work to improve transparency of the Student Government Executive Branch by making its powers, decisions, finances and overall impact more accessible and clearly explaining the impact decisions will have on the student body. Examples of responsibilities will include tracking the success of initiatives, recording relevant student calls to action, and producing an annual summary report on the progress of FSU initiatives. 

This individual needs to be comfortable with both qualitative and quantitative research, have experience with Power BI, Microsoft Excel, or other formal data visualization software, possess an ability to manage small teams, and feel comfortable delegating tasks. In order to best fulfill the obligations of this position, the officer should be a skilled writer, have an ability to explain things in a clear and concisely, possess an understanding of/experience with Florida State University leadership, and be able to form professional networking relationships with others.


  • SGA Executive Branch and FSU administrative environment, structure, and organizational hierarchy

  • Microsoft Office suite and collaboration tools

  • Torchlight operating procedures and output definitions


  • Interpersonal skills in delegating and following up on tasks among a small team

  • Editing the work of a small team for style, conciseness, and adherence to organizational procedures


  • Strong discretion in deciding whether policy and policy processes should be covered, balancing limited human resources

  • Strong discretion in delegating and approving checks on factual information and judgement of the completion of policy promises

  • Forming and maintaining professional relationships with stakeholders within FSU administration

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