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Director of Operations

The Director of Operations at Torchlight is responsible for overseeing all of Torchlight's internal operations and external events. Overseeing the Finance Officer and Event Officer, the Director of Operations needs to be knowledgeable of fundraising, grant writing, budgeting, event planning, formal writing, and Microsoft Suite. The Director of Operations is responsible for taking notes all major Torchlight meetings, overseeing the planning of all Torchlight related events, maintaining the Torchlight calendar and all internal records, and onboarding all new Torchlight staff. 

This individual will preferably have experience as a secretary and/or treasurer of a previous organization, working for a nonprofit organization, be familiar with the Microsoft environment, and other organizational software, and possess past leadership and collaborative experience. Expected initial tasks for this position are transitioning the organization to a central internal Microsoft Teams communication system, developing a standardized interviewing procedure, and onboarding procedures, planning annual events for the organization, and improving communications within Torchlight. 

In order to fulfill the responsibilities of this role, an individual must be able to solve complex problems, manage multiple projects at once, and be willing to support others. The expected time commitment for this position is 8-12 hours per week.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Acting as the Secretary and one of four voting members on the Executive Board

  • Ensuring thorough implementation and standardization of operational structures, guidelines, and documents

  • Maintaining an accurate roster of current and past members

Necessary Characteristics

  • Attention to detail and strong values of organizational stability and continuity

  • Communication skills in interacting with all members of the Torchlight team

  • Ability to keep track of multiple issues and projects at once, and follow up with members

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