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Policy Research

State Senate Legislative Officer

The State Senate Legislative Officer increases the clarity of current or potential proposals of the Florida Legislature that impact the daily lives of students. Projects under this officer are often time-sensitive, and require an ability to synthesize and summarize information quickly. During the state legislative session, the workload for this position is expected to go over the normal amount. 

This individual needs to be comfortable with qualitative research, managing small teams, delegating tasks, and be familiar with the structure and operations of the Florida Legislature. In order to best fulfill the obligations of this position, the officer should be a skilled writer, have an ability to identify and summarize important details, be comfortable working under time constraints, and have previous experience within the Florida Legislature or a relevant news organization/club.


  • Florida Senate legislative process, structure, and organizational hierarchy

  • Microsoft Office suite and collaboration tools

  • Torchlight operating procedures and output definitions

  • Context and nuance of legislation originating in the Florida Senate


  • Interpersonal skills in delegating and following up on tasks among a small team

  • Editing the work of a small team for style, conciseness, and adherence to organizational procedures

  • Reading and contextualizing legislation originating during the legislative session


  • Strong discretion in deciding whether legislation and legislative processes should be covered, balancing limited human resources

  • Forming and maintaining professional relationships with stakeholders within the Florida Senate

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