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Executive Director

The Executive Director of Torchlight is the key management leader of Torchlight. They are responsible for overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan of the organization to further the vision and mission of the Torchlight Center. The Executive Director ensures smooth operation between all branches, supports branch directors through any issues that arise, and serve as the final approval on all outputs. 

They chair all Board of Directors meetings and vote to break ties between the Board. The Executive Director simultaneously ensures continuity and sustainability of the Center while proactively working to explore new avenues of development with creative direction. Observing operational successes and failures, they work to revise and establish operating procedures and organizational documents such as the constitution and input-output guide. 

The Executive Director ensures adherence of all actions within the organization to those governing documents. Above all, the Executive Director has a strong command of discretion and judgement in guiding the organization in accordance to its mission. Expected initial tasks include preparing Torchlight for a successful 2022-2023 academic year by working with the Executive Board to recruit and retain a team of members, setting a project management framework into motion, and addressing any matters not captured by the rest of the Board.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Leading the organization though the end of early-stage development and into healthy growth & development

  • Chairing Executive Board meetings

  • Approving, revising, and debating on organizational documents and standard operating procedures (Constitution, inputs and outputs)

  • Representing the organization to outside groups and stakeholders in search of funding and recognition

Necessary Characteristics

  • Discretion and ability to make large decisions based on adherence to established policies

  • Creativity in assessing changes to organization structure and function

  • Communication skills and ability to lead and manage a team, especially when problems arise

  • Experience with, or willingness to learn, our suite of platforms: Microsoft Office Sharepoint, Qualtrics, Wix

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