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Web Officer

The Web Officer is responsible for maintaining Torchlight’s website. This officer will be expected to update the website regularly, train members on how to navigate the website, and work with other members to constantly improve functionality and design. 

This individual needs to be comfortable working independently, adapting to the needs of the organization, have a knowledge of Wix or a similar web design software, and be comfortable integrating data visualization tools into web design. In order to best fulfill the obligations of this position, the officer should have past experience in website management, computer programming, design, or another related field.


  • Website and user interface design principles

  • Experience with Wix preferred

  • Experience with simple relational databases preferred


  • Strong computer competency skills

  • Assessing user engagement using Google Analytics and the built-in Wix analytics platform


  • Ability to work with multiple stakeholders within Torchlight to implement their desired ideas in a user-friendly and accessible way

  • Eye for design and user interface, including meeting accessibility guidelines

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